Taylor Powers


Taylor Powers, our esteemed Account Director, brings a distinctive perspective to the Realm team, enriched by her extensive client services background. With a solid foundation in the Sciences, Taylor's passion for problem-solving and creative development enables her to infuse account management with a fresh and innovative approach. Her remarkable organizational skills and capacity to excel under pressure have earned her the respected title of "Realm's Hero".

Taylor's impressive client services background includes a wealth of experience in account management, working with diverse clients, and delivering exceptional results. Her ability to forge strong relationships, anticipate client needs, and devise tailored solutions is highly respected among her colleagues and clients alike.

Before joining Realm, Taylor contributed to numerous Marvel Comic Universe projects as part of Digital Domain's R&D team. Her experience also includes working on the Oscar-winning film Dune, among other notable productions. Taylor's extensive background in the entertainment industry has equipped her with invaluable knowledge and expertise, which she skillfully applies to her role in the advertising world.
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