Changing the game

Revolutionizing Advertising with Unrivaled Passion, Ingenuity, and Impactful Results

At Realm, we transcend the ordinary advertising agency. We represent an exceptional, inventive, and acclaimed collective on a quest to revolutionize our clients’ experiences. Our zeal and devotion to crafting compelling, influential campaigns are unparalleled, and we pledge to deliver elite ideation and execution. Boasting offices in Chicago and Los Angeles, we’ve solidified our position as a powerhouse in the industry.

Our intrepid Executive Creative Director, Shane Valdez, and our perceptive Managing Director, Norm Reiss, spearhead our assembly of accomplished professionals, unified by a mutual passion for generating exemplary work.

Our team is far from a mere group of individuals seeking success – we already exemplify a formidable unit. Throughout the years, Vinny Warren (Creative Director) and Chris O’Hara (Executive Producer) have consistently collaborated with Shane and Norm to bring ambitious concepts to fruition for a multitude of brands, cultivating a synergy that yields superior results with remarkable efficiency. With Shane and Norm’s first-rate execution, coupled with our top-tier creative and strategic prowess, we can produce anything your brand necessitates at a velocity that leaves most agencies envious.

We appreciate that your brand extends beyond mere products or services – it embodies your identity and principles. As such, we are steadfast in our commitment to conceive audacious and immersive ideas that not only elevate your brand’s performance but also mold its culture. When you join forces with Realm, you’re not simply enlisting an agency – you’re becoming part of a passionate team eager to actualize your vision and leave a lasting, meaningful impact.